I’m sorry I’ve taken a backseat from blogging. I have been super swamped with work and visiting back home. I do have a few new posts that I need to upload. I have visited Taiwan recently and would like to create a photo diary of Hualien and Taipei.

I am starting a new blog about my journey of fitness, will keep you guys posted.


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Bangkok Snake Farm

Recently I visited Bangkok for a short trip away with my partner. I am a huge huge fan of Thailand! I absolutely love the lifestyle, people, the country and the islands. This is a review of the Bangkok Snake Farm that we visited on our second day there. 

Day 2 and we decided to visit the snake farm/hospital in central Bangkok. I have read some reviews on how great it is for the family. We arrived around 10.30 am and stayed until about 3pm. The first part of the day was left to exploring the enclosure and listening to a talk from the snake handlers. A gentleman kindly explained the poisonous and non poisonous species to us. It was a really interesting talk and you did learn a lot about how the hospital extracts venom etc. They even gave a demonstration which was fantastic if you haven’t seen snakes before. 

DSC01191      DSC01147                                  

DSC01178       DSC01167

The second part of the day exploring the museum part of the farm. This gives you a brief history of the farm and what they do to help people who have been bitten by snakes etc. 

DSC01221       DSC01223

We spent a significant part of time watching a kind of a snake show. They shared with the audience important facts about certain species. I was so shocked to see that one of the snakes bit the handler three times on his arm, he didn’t even flinch, maybe he is used to it, but still the snake drew blood, yikes! 

DSC01276       DSC01278

DSC01293       DSC01288

DSC01292       DSC01290                                               

This was a great place to visit, suitable for families and big groups. The staff were very accommodating and treated the snakes with full respect. I hope if any of you are visiting Bangkok, definitely put this on the list of things to do! 

Hope you enjoyed the post. 

*All images are of mine. Please ask permission before using, thank you. 




Bruce Lee Exhibition – Shatin

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Bruce Lee Exhibition at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in Shatin. Not faraway from the Shatin mtr station, the exhibition is a pure delight to visit. Having being a fan of the kungfu legend for a fair few years now and also studying Hung Gar as a teenager myself, this was the perfect way to explore more into the life of the martial arts guru.

bruce lee actorBruce Lee is most notably famous for his movies, ‘Enter the dragon’, ‘Fist of Fury’, ‘Game of death’ and so on. His movies are legendary in the martial arts world and also in the western film industry. But this exhibition didn’t only talk about his life as a kungfu star, it also delved into his personal life, such as life before film and television, his life growing up in Hong Kong. I don’t think Hong Kong have done very much to preserve his legacy, and apart from the statue on the avenue of stars, nobody really talks about the actor.

The exhibition shows never before seen photographs of his childhood and pictures of him with his Sifi Ip Man. Having lived in Hong Kong now for nearly two years myself, I will later on take the opportunity to visit some of the places where Bruce Lee trained in Kungfu. I know of some of the locations is in Yau Ma Tei and Prince Edward. 

There are many different types of kungfu but Bruce Lee trained mostly in wing chun. This is a very patient art and most people cannot bear the long training periods and also understand the moves behind the forms. It cannot be learnt in a week, it takes time, a very long time for you to perfect this style. It’s not only beneficial for the physical well being but also exploring the mental well being. I guess you can say that Kungfu is a way of life. If you wish to study wing chun please take this into consideration.

bruc lee 1        bruce lee exhibit     

The exhibition showed candid shots of his parents, his siblings and childhood friends. His father was the famous Lee Hoi Chuen –  a Chinese opera star. It shows pictures of Bruce on set with his father. The exhibit also hosts a replica of the yellow jumpsuit that he wore in the famous fight scene in ‘Enter the dragon’. I would have loved to of taken a photograph of it. But the security prevented it! 

After walking through the exhibition, you have the option of watching the 1.5 hour documentary about his life, featuring interviews of his wife Linda, daughter Shannon, brother Robert and fellow friends and work colleagues. It was incredibly insightful and also left the viewer with a little bit more knowledge of Bruce Lee and his passion. It was so sacred what Bruce Lee did for the martial arts world but also for Hong Kong. In my opinion, he really placed Hong Kong on the map and highlighted this wonderful art. I would definitely recommend for everyone to visit this exhibition and I guarantee that when you leave, you will take a little but of Bruce Lee with you, I know I did. 

Museum website –

* Photographs credited to: Daily Mail, Info Gov, Artwise, English CNTV. 

Shanghai Baby

Shanghai, well what can I say? It’s a beautiful city, steeped in Chinese and French history. I really thought it would just be like Hong Kong. However, I was pleasantly surprised! It has so many cool things to offer tourists. 

DSC00290     DSC00311

My favourite part about Shanghai is the people. The locals are so friendly and overall very happy. Although it is one of the busier cities, I still felt a sense of space and freedom, something that you can almost never find back home in Hong Kong. You can see why it’s already slotted into my top five cities to visit! 

DSC00462     DSC00497

The food in Shanghai is fantastic. If you are ever in the city yourself, please stop off and try the siu mai dumplings, they are to die for. They have another kind of dumpling too, its crispy on the outside and like a hot oil on the inner. But you do have to be careful that you don’t burn your mouth! That aside, these little beauties have people queuing around the block! For only 6 Renminbi, you have found yourself a food bargain. If Chinese cuisine isn’t your thing though, which I know it isn’t for everyone, you can always try western, Italian, Japanese etc, there’s plenty of choice out there.

 DSC00343     DSC00466

The sites of Shanghai are simply beautiful. The architecture in particular stands out to me and probably to other tourists. For parts of the city, the traveler is made to feel that you’re walking through 1920s France. If you do have the chance to explore, stop off at the peace hotel, you won’t be disappointed! On Mondays they even do a jazz night. 

DSC00613     DSC00378

River cruises are very popular in Shanghai. This is an ideal way to see both sides of the river and see the lights at night time. (Booking is needed though) 

DSC00317      DSC00621

As for shopping, I didn’t get the chance to explore that part. I did see big brands such as HNM, Forever 21 and Zara, but for boutiques you do need to spend a little more time researching. I did see some cool artsy shops with one off pieces inside though. It does give off a trendy feel, so I’m sure for you fashion lovers out there, you won’t be going home empty handed. 

DSC00489      DSC00633

The nightlife in Shanghai is amazing too! It’s busy yet relaxed. You can choose to go to the all swanky places such as M1NT but then you can have the alternative of Arkham. M1NT is situated on the 24th floor with a fabulous view of Shanghai. It’s stylish, trendy and hosts a good range of music. You have the choice of the main room with a cocktail bar with lounge music or stepping into the Shanghai nightclub scene. (One thing to know though, you cannot see inside the toilets.) Literally its blacked out! (Be careful). I’d definitely recommend this place, not only is it a unique way of seeing the city lit up at night, but also the drinks are reasonably priced and the cocktails are superb. I tried the Cosmopolitan and a Mojito. After a few drinks there, we went onto Arkham, a little grungy club just up town. This makes a nice alternative to the trendy setting of M1NT. If you are looking for spillt drinks, dubstep and some real dancing, this is the place to be on a Friday night and the drinks are even cheaper! Taxi’s are a pain though afterwards, but definitely worth the trip all the same. The Shanghai nightlife is definitely one to hit up guys. 

DSC00436       DSC00420

DSC00447       DSC00460

I can’t stress enough how great Shanghai is. Please take the time to visit this wonderful city. It hosts so many cool things to do and see. It’s a great stop off if you are wanting to travel to most places in Asia. You’d be a fool to miss out. 

My next post will be about my trip to a water village just outside of Shanghai. I have so many beautiful photographs of the village to show you all. If you’d like to read this post, tune in again later this week, until then, have a good weekend! Below are a few more snaps of the trip. Enjoy 😀 

DSC00623       DSC00354

DSC00384       DSC00607

DSC00630       DSC00393

Thanks for reading! 

Photo Diary: Bike Ride from Taipo to Shatin

This has had to be one of my favourite days in Hong Kong. The weather was beautiful, the air was fresh and the journey had some impeccable views. We started our journey at Taipo Market Mtr station and rode a short mini bus ride into the village of Taipo.

Taipo is absolutely spectacular. It has a few cheeky bars and restaurants, perfect for a refreshment before the 12 mile cycling journey commences. Having not rode a bicycle in five years or so, I was a little apprehensive for the 12 mile journey. However, I did manage to complete the task and took some photographs in the process. Here a few shots I captured along the way!











  • Water! And plenty of it!
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Plan your journey as the next bike shop closes at 5pm
  • Wear a cap and sunglasses! A sun-burnt face is not in fashion this year!
  • More than anything, enjoy your trip and immerse yourselves in Hong Kong’s coastline

Thank you for reading. Feel free to leave questions below 🙂

Hello and welcome back! Feat. Lamma Island Photo Diary

Hello and welcome back!

I’m sorry I’ve been off the radar for a few months. I was visiting back home and catching up with family and friends back in England.

I do have lots to tell you and many photo diaries to upload. People have requested that I do one for my trip to Lamma Island, so here goes…













Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed the photographs. I will be uploading a post about my trip to Shanghai soon! I will include information on food, accommodation, night life and the transport. Hope you all have a fun weekend 🙂 See you soon!


Q&A with Towie Goddess Lauren Goodger

(Originally written for my final university project. This was a short Q&A with the The Only Way is Essex star – Lauren Goodger)

Joella Hawley, one of our writers, had a chance to do a follow-up Q&A with Lauren Goodger after sampling the TOWIE star’s new self-tanning range – ‘Lauren’s Way’. Under a lot of scrutiny even after the opening of her new salon in Essex, here is a chance to hear what the celeb had to say to HerUni about what inspires her and any future projects coming up:

Hi Lauren, I recently visited your salon and loved the spray tan!  What has inspired you to open your own salon?

Yes, I love beauty and I think that every girl deserves to be pampered and look glamorous, that’s why I launched Lauren’s Way.

Who would be your style guru? Where did you take your fashion inspiration from?

That’s a tough one… I love strong, independent women and I have always loved Angelina Jolie!

What is your must have beauty product that you carry everywhere with you?

I know you probably think it will be fake tan but it’s difficult to choose between that and false lashes from my Lauren’s Way range.

Are you a designer girl or high street girl?

Like most girls, I like to mix both and some of my favourite pieces are from the high street!

Young girls look up to you as a role model, who is your role model/hero?

Lots of people are my role models and heroes. I think anyone that is trying to overcome criticism or difficulty in their lives is a role model.

Future projects you are working on?

There are lots of exciting things coming but I can’t give anything away so watch this space!

Advice for young girls who would like to open their own business? 

Do your research! Make sure you know what you are getting yourself in to before you start. Running your own business takes total dedication and commitment.

Last but not least, do you prefer Essex or London? 

Essex of course!  I do love going to London for a night out or for some shopping with my girlfriends but home is where the heart is and for me that’s Essex.

The Lauren’s Way website with the entire range and Lauren’s Blog can be found here: 

Image source:

Modern Toilet, a good place to let yourself go?

(This was originally written for a university project ‘The Falmouth Navigator’. This has featured on numerous blogs including some of my old ones) 

Taiwan is well known for its across the board ideas. Taking on Chinese and Japanese influence, they continue to pride themselves on the diverse choice of cuisine.

In Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan, a certain restaurant has caused quite a stir in the food world. In 2004 Marton Restaurant launched the slogan ‘To eat or to pee? Go to the Toilet! Deliver ur shit!’. The restaurant reenacts an eating space with small bathroom tables and toilet seats as chairs. For dessert, diners has the option of eating out of a mini plastic commode with chocolate ice cream mimicking an actual ‘dump’! Yummy or gross?

Popular menu choices are Korean sorak beef, Yunan Chili Chicken, pearl and milk hotpot and seafood dishes. If not a fan of Asian Cuisine, you also have the alternative of sampling some of the european dishes on the menu.

It does make you wonder where this unique idea came from? The owner has commented saying Manga was the big influence on the creation of Marton enterprises and they hope to continue to expand on ideas and to become “The No. 1 Brand in Themed Chain Restaurants.”

Popularity has grown vastly and now having over fourteen other restaurants across Taiwan and Hong Kong. Each restaurant has a different toilet theme from a shower room, a nightclub, classic restaurant, and a games room. We are all eagerly waiting to hear whats next!

*Image source – National Geographic onlineImage

Inside the OCD mind –

(Originally written for The website has recently shut down and re opened up as hercampus, deleting previous posts from past contributors. Here is an article that featured on the website)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an increasingly well-publicized condition. According to the OCD charity website, it affects three in every one hundred people. Usually the disorder is brought on by an excess of anxiety. Not only affecting the mental but physical state, often many people go on to not been diagnosed for long periods of time.


OCD can be a phobia of germs, people, not wanting to part with items (commonly known as hoarding), over analysis of situations and the over thinking of disturbing thoughts. Often the person will do many repetitive actions as they believe something or someone may be affected if they don’t do go through with it.

Tina, a student, recalls her personal experience of the condition. “The first time I noticed I had a problem was when I couldn’t leave the bathroom after an hour of washing my hands. I know it may sound like the obvious but I must have counted at least thirty times of washing and drying my hands. It went on for a month before I felt I could tell someone.” It’s true that many people feel guilty of having this problem or even embarrassed and often go on to feel no one will understand them. Many people suffer by themselves, hoping they can solve the problem.

The majority don’t realize how demanding the condition can become. People go on as long as a year or more without even noticing that they have it. It starts to become dangerous if it starts to affect someone’s everyday life. People have lost and quit their jobs, ended relationships, feeling there is no other option in order to cope. Tina says, “It’s hard to identify who you were before you start this. At the time I couldn’t recall when it started and how it progressed so fast. I found it incredibly hard to go to School as no one would understand what I was going through.”

The causes of the problem can be a selection of reasons but the most commonly known as a certain memory that is later triggered on in life. Not even a bad memory, just something that helps towards the growing phobia. Tina’s phobia involved one of two things: the over need of cleanliness and not wanting to part with items.

“I knew at the time what I was doing was completely wrong. I didn’t throw away any paper as I believed I had wrote something on it that was bad, I was over analyzing of situations. I couldn’t sleep at night because I had to keep checking the door to see if it was locked. It was a personal hell for me. I found it hard to talk to people as I thought they wouldn’t understand. After a while though people started noticing my hands as they were in a really bad way.”

Many famous people have even gone to discuss their battle with the terrible illness. Aviator, the movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio, depicts Howard Hughes’s battle with the disorder. Even David Beckham has commented, “I have got this obsessive compulsive disorder where I have to have everything in a straight line, or everything has to be in pairs.”

The issue is that people don’t realize that there is so much help out there for them. More and more of us are becoming infected with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and it is curable to some affect. “I visited a counselor for two years, this was helpful as she identified with me the cause of the problem and how I could stop it. It was a hard time for me, I was only 12 and didn’t really know what was happening. If it wasn’t for her I don’t think I could have done it by myself. I had so much help and people need to realize don’t suffer in silence. Anyone can develop this disorder; it has nothing to do with who you are or where you come from.”  Tina says.

If you have any inquiries on OCD, visit website – If you feel you may be developing or close to anyone who could be suffering from any of these symptoms, you should contact your local Gp for more information.

*Image source –

Sarah Michelle Gellar Expecting a Boy! –

(Originally written for The website has recently shut down and re opened up as hercampus, deleting previous posts from past contributors. Here is an article that featured on the website)

Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar and husband Freddie Prinze Jr. are pleased to announce a second little edition to the Prinze family: a baby boy.


Gellar and Prinze, who had their first child, Charlotte in September 2009 are said to be “thrilled that Charlotte will have a little brother” said a friend of the twosome to People Magazine.

The couple, who met on the set of horror flick I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997), tied the knot just five years later in Mexico having stared in the Scooby-Doo (2002) movie as the loved up couple: Daphne and Fred. Sarah has said that for their wedding, they had wanted an intimate gathering, priding herself on keeping their relationship private away from the public eye. There is no surprise then that the actual due date of the newest Prinze baby is currently unknown.

Gellar, who finished Buffy in 2002, has had a string of television projects since the shows end including the critically acclaimed film The Ringer (2010).

Freddie has said he took over his fatherly duties when Sarah had a busy schedule with The Ringer. He is excited for a little boy and looks forward to his arrival to excel his love for sports.

Image source :