Teaching – 3rd week

I’m currently in the third week of the school term in Hong Kong Kindergarten. So far we’ve been welcomed with numerous curriculum’s and even more new challenges. The term awaits us, well that’s what I keep telling myself.

Starting age is from 2 -5 year old, I teach all three levels, K1,K2 and K3. Depending on the curriculum set by the school, we must teach at least one new letter a week including three new words. For example if the weekly letter is the letter A/a, I would incorporate easy words such as apple, ant and axe. The letter D would have duck, dog and dive and so on.

I like to design the lessons to be creative and fun. Using interactive games, this helps the students to settle down ready for English class and understand the foreign teacher is now running the session. The lesson time stretches no longer than thirty minutes, short and sweet I like to say. This gives plenty of time to recap topics and introduce the new ones.

This week I’m currently working on the letters C, J and M. The phonics sound of M/m is quite difficult to grasp straight away. Activities that are always useful are – rub your tummy song, fruit salad and using play dough and pipe cleaners to create the letter with your hands. Another fun game is to clap to the words that make an mmm sound. Words that don’t make the mmm sound, you must keep your hands still. This is very effective and has worked wonders on the shyer students of the class and helps them to relax and speak English in a friendly atmosphere.

Thank you for reading my first teaching post, short and sweet. I will be blogging about – ‘A day in the life of a Net Teacher’. If you would like me to cover anything else or blog about a certain subject, please message me at – apathwithajourney@outlook.com



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