Hong Kong Life – Space Museum

Today was an interesting one and with nothing planned, we (me and my boyfriend) decided to visit the Space Museum in Tst. Having already visited the science and history exhibitions last year, this was the last museum to see. I have always had a passion for all things space and as a child I deeply wanted to visit the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. But sadly due to flight prices and other commitments, I was never granted the chance to do so. So for today we had the Hong Kong Space Museum to keep us company.

Now I was expecting for something quite glam, a few techy bits here and there, but strangely enough it was like stepping back in time. I can appreciate the longevity and the upkeep of the museum itself, but come on! The science and history museum had much more to offer the average tourist, not even a gift shop insight! (shame as that’s always my favourite part of it!). That aside I did quite enjoy the short film about personal hygiene and keeping fit in space. And It would be cool if we were in 1985 but we aren’t, they’re my boyfriends words not mine.

Anyway guys I’ll leave you to decide… Here a few snaps of the day with the exception of a few extra shots later…








Hope you have enjoyed browsing the few photographs of the exhibition. I will link the website details below for opening times and entrance fees.


Thank you for reading


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