Teaching in Hong Kong

Hello and welcome to my second post about teaching in Hong Kong. I have reached my one year anniversary as a Kindergarten teacher. Here a few things I’ve learnt along the way.

In Hong Kong the teaching profession is very much stressful. Most of the Net Teachers have an extremely heavy workload and have a high performance standard to follow for the parents. From what local teachers have expressed, Hong Kong really struggle to recruit Kindergarten positions as it’s an 8-6pm job, sometimes even longer. Before embarking on the teaching journey in Hong Kong, take some things into consideration and follow my guide and see if this helps.

  1. Research the agency. Make sure you have a quality agent to back you up. Many agents in Hong Kong have really screwed over past colleagues of mine. Currently the agencies I work for has been very supportive of me and have worked very hard to communicate with the schools on my behalf. But some refuse to cooperate and often many Nets are left without a job.
  2. Look into past and present employees of the company you are interviewing for. It is possible to get in contact, using meet up groups and word of mouth.
  3. You do not need to pay more than 160 dollars to retain a working visa. I have read many horror stories about agents  charging a 1000 dollars or more for you to secure a visa, this is rubbish! You can check on the HK immigration website and advise them to follow HK Labour law.
  4. Research wages – this a biggie. Some agents will rip you off; it’s the nature of the job. Find a balance and go for a few interviews. (No rush)
  5. You are looking at 18,000 dollars onwards without teaching experience.
  6. Tefl courses are not always necessary for Kindergarten but most definite for Primary School.
  7. Tefl can enhance the pay, depending on the employer.
  8. Expect hundreds of school reports and a heavy workload.
  9.  You will be asked to work over time for extracurricular activities such as phonics, dance and storytelling classes. You will be expected to work Saturdays without a minutes notice.
  10. NEGOTIATE – it’s not a crime!

I hope from reading this that you will gain a little more knowledge about life at school in Hong Kong.  If you’re thinking of moving to Hong Kong and looking to go into teaching, it’s a fun place to be and a valuable learning platform. Please feel free to email me for any more questions regarding this post.


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