Having a Hong Kong time

(This post was originally written for http://www.heruni.com/ when I  was contributing a few articles a month for them. I will be linking some of the travel bits and pieces for this blog too) 

Here are my top ten things to do and see in Hong Kong. If you have had the time to check out any of these attractions, let me know what you think in the comment box below.

1. Eat Dim Sum- Go sample one of Hong Kong’s finest cuisines. Recommended restaurant is Maxims. This place is renowened for its late night service and can be found in Central, situated on Hong Kong Island.

The recipe originated from deep within China in the province of ‘Guangzhou’. The idea reached Hong Kong in the 1940’s, where since they have tweaked the recipe slightly to fit the taste buds of the culinary capital. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take part in China’s heritage.


2. Take TST ferry to Central Pier – This is by far one of the best things to do whilst staying in Hong Kong. TST is one of the ‘it’ places to go when arriving in Hong Kong. Go here for your first shopping experience and to catch the ferry back to Hong Kong Island. Costing you around 2.5 dollars (18p in English) This is by far one of the cheapest and fastest transports to take in Hong Kong and most probably in Asia. Take a step back from the city and glance over the colourful sky line of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

3. Big Buddah – Go visit the bronze statue sitting on Lantau Island. You can catch a ferry or the mtr to the busy tourist spot. Completed in 1993, the religious spot gathers thousands of tourists from all around the world. The statue is meant to symbolize Harmony, People and Nature. Enjoy some breathtaking views when reaching the top of steps.

4. Macau – Spend a quick getaway to China’s equivalent to Las Vegas. Macau is notorious for gambling and night clubs. If you’re thinking of a night like the movie The Hangover, then this is the pit stop for you! Costing you 300 dollars return from Hong Kong (22 english pounds), this is one trip not to be missed off your ten things to do. If you don’t have much time, just go for an evening and catch the early morning ferry home. If you’re looking for a romantic getway – hotels recommended are – The Venetian, Rio and Galaxy.

5. Visit the sky 100 building – the tallest landmark in hong kong. With aerial views of the city, this can be enjoyed by day or night. If you manage to go around 8pm, you will be able to spot the light show from Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. This is the 3rd highest financial buildings in the world.

6. Sai Kung – Escape from the city for the day and try some of the infamous sea food of Hong Kong. You won’t get it any fresher than you will here. This is where you will be able to relax with the mountainous backdrops. This can be located about forty five minutes out of the city from choi hung MTR.

7. Mong Kok – The busiest district in the city. You can’t leave without walking the streets of the Ladies Market. The best time to visit the market is definitely in the week, the weekends gather too many crowds. This market provides all your needs. You can browse all the latest trends such as jewellery, gadgets, copy bags such as Marc Jacobs and Mulberry (all for under ten pounds). Don’t forget to use your bartering skills; everything is a bargain here!

8. Temples – Visit a temple everyday if you can. There are many temples located in each district. Recommended ones are: The Nan Lian Garden. This is the most superb one of all. Painted in the traditional gold, red and orange colours, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of this garden. Walk over the bridge and take photographs by the waterfall. This is the place to kick back and relax away from all the sounds of the city life.

9. Ocean Park – Visit Hong Kong’s exciting theme park, home to Panda’s, Monkeys and Sharks. This will take up a full day of your schedule, definitely well worth it though.

10. Arcade Time – If you were a fan of gaming as a child, this is the place to show off your good skills. There are so many arcades located around Hong Kong. Majority of the old ones are closed down now but if you’re looking for just an amateur one with many choices of games, try out APM shopping center, located in Kwun Tong. If you are a lover of TEKKEN or Street Fighter, place your dollar down and wait in line with the city’s biggest gamers.

I hope you have enjoyed my top ten things to do in Hong Kong. Let me know your top ten choices and if you have done some of these on my list.

*All photos belong to apathwithajourney. Please do not take the photographs from this blog without permission.


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