Vox pop – published – 12/05/2011

It’s been reported Children have now come to the stage of turning their backs on physical exercise. The poll for British Triathlon and Tata Steel suggests 10% cannot ride a bike and 15% cannot swim. Are we in a generation now when sports and exercise aren’t been encouraged or are we just plain lazy? The Retford Times talk to the people of Retford to hear there thoughts on the matter.

Paula Anscombe says “I think it’s bad, I have a little boy with asthma, he finds it very difficult. There are a lot of things he can’t do and more centres would be a good idea.”

Frances Burkett thinks it’s atrocious that the level of swimming has fallen. She said “The lack of swimming is dangerous. It was more encouraged when I was at school. There needs to be more exercise on offer for children”.

Doreen Pritchard of Clarborough raised concerns of the welfare of the children. “You can’t let them out on the roads anymore. You used to be safe when I was young. Now the safety aspect comes into it. Cars go much faster and are less likely to see people riding bicycles on the road.”

With the level of exercise for children falling, the level of bad health rises. In a recent survey it said a third of children questioned didn’t even own a bike. However 73 per cent owned games consoles.

Jawar Hasan said “It’s bad; children need to be more sociable and get out into the fresh air. They need to be encouraged not only for health reasons but for themselves.”

Beth Clarke thought it was a bad idea closing the original sports centre down for the new one. “It’s very important, just for more facilities. They built a sports centre but took away a lot of things; they could do with the squash courts coming back.”


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