Happy New Year

Hello and welcome back. It’s 2014 and hope you’ve all had a wonderful new year so far. I am sorry for the late update, but with Christmas time back in England and 120 plus school reports to do, I’ve simply had no free time. However, starting on a new note, I have a few things I would like to share with you.

Firstly, I have had the opportunity to write for Expat Focus. A website featuring idea’s, news, jobs and columnists, all discussing the experiences of moving abroad. I fell in love with some of the features before xmas, so emailed to see if I would be able to write for them too. Something quite therapeutic about sharing my experiences living in Hong Kong. My first article went live today. Check out the link here – http://www.expatfocus.com/c/aid=1415/columnists/joella-hawley/why-expats-love-hong-kong/

Next on my list, towards the end of the month I will be visiting Osaka, Japan. Me and my boyfriend are going to celebrate the Chinese New Year. I really, really, cannot wait! Luckily I do get to stay here for the actual Chinese New Year period, as I missed it last year with a trip back home. So it will be a brand new experience for me to see how the Chinese will celebrate it.

Thirdly I have vowed to start Boxing this year. It’s always been a dream of mine to start. Every time I hear ‘Eye of the tiger’, I get a certain adrenaline run through me. It’s my number one new years resolution! I’ll keep you posted on the on’s and goings of how hard it is actually to get fit! Wish me luck 🙂

And lastly, thank you very much for all the support on here. I really appreciate all the people who have taken the time to pass by my blog and give it a read. Warms the heart.



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