Expat Focus – Why Expats Love Hong Kong

Having been an expat in Hong Kong now for 16 months, I am already planning where to visit next. That’s the thing about being an expat, every new destination has the potential to be your new home. When arriving in the country of choice, the first thing many of us will do, is see if it has the potential to be our new home. Does it have an English supermarket? What is the tax rates and transport options? But once you have seen how easy it is and how well you can adapt to the likes of Hong Kong and Thailand, the next move won’t be so stressful. You will already know what to expect.

For many westerners Hong Kong is a popular choice to move. Expats love it for its accessible transport service, diverse food and close proximity to other countries. Most weekends can be taken up with a quick trip to Taiwan and the Philippines or just a short boat ride to a surrounding island.

If you enjoy change, a fast pace lifestyle and a place that has many western influences as well as Chinese, Hong Kong is the place to be. The city is fun, exciting and on many occasions captures the heart.

As well as the points mentioned above, Hong Kong also possesses many other things great about it. The job rate is exceptionally high for foreign nationals. Teaching, Hotel Managerial and Marketing are amongst the popular job choices.

For teaching, it’s split into various sectors. From the obvious Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary, there’s the option of the government scheme for fully qualified teachers. But even if you don’t have the necessary requirements, foreigners are still given the chance to work in local organizations. Tefls don’t seem to be on top of the list of requirements unlike neighboring countries such as Thailand and Japan.

Teaching is great for enhancing your CV. It’s the perfect chance to experience a different type of culture and education system. Hong Kong is in the top 5 academic competitors in the world and with this added extra to your CV, this may impress the future employers. The standards are very high in terms of delivering the goods to the classroom, but with the educational background of the teacher, this isn’t so necessary. As long as the teacher is a Native English speaker and is able to perform a class with phonics and fun, you will have no problems with adapting to the teaching life of Hong Kong.


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