An Afternoon In Sai Kung

It was a Sunday afternoon and I was contemplating what I should do before returning back to a full week of work. I know, it sounds quite depressing! But when living in Hong Kong, we are quite lucky as you can escape the city for a few hours or so to relax. I decided on a short mtr ride and a mini bus away to the sunny Sai Kung. (Although it was quite a gloomy afternoon away)

Sai Kung is a wonderful place and a tourist hub for westerners on the weekends. Most visitors enjoy the food, the hikes and most of all the small boat trips you can take from the pier. Here a few photographs I took to show you guys what it’s all about. DSC00018






Sai Kung is very popular for the floating fish farms/markets. Although, I do think it’s very cruel. It seems to gather quite a crowd on a Sunday, with locals promising the best fish in town.

Along the sea front, masses of sea food restaurants decorate the pier. Not one for local sea food myself, I opted for a curry! Not really in the spirit of it all, but in my defense my chicken jalfrezi was quite the delight.

If you’ve visited Sai Kung before, I’d love to hear all about it. Where do you think the best places are to eat? Have you hiked before?



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