Q&A with Towie Goddess Lauren Goodger

(Originally written for my final university project. This was a short Q&A with the The Only Way is Essex star – Lauren Goodger)

Joella Hawley, one of our writers, had a chance to do a follow-up Q&A with Lauren Goodger after sampling the TOWIE star’s new self-tanning range – ‘Lauren’s Way’. Under a lot of scrutiny even after the opening of her new salon in Essex, here is a chance to hear what the celeb had to say to HerUni about what inspires her and any future projects coming up:

Hi Lauren, I recently visited your salon and loved the spray tan!  What has inspired you to open your own salon?

Yes, I love beauty and I think that every girl deserves to be pampered and look glamorous, that’s why I launched Lauren’s Way.

Who would be your style guru? Where did you take your fashion inspiration from?

That’s a tough one… I love strong, independent women and I have always loved Angelina Jolie!

What is your must have beauty product that you carry everywhere with you?

I know you probably think it will be fake tan but it’s difficult to choose between that and false lashes from my Lauren’s Way range.

Are you a designer girl or high street girl?

Like most girls, I like to mix both and some of my favourite pieces are from the high street!

Young girls look up to you as a role model, who is your role model/hero?

Lots of people are my role models and heroes. I think anyone that is trying to overcome criticism or difficulty in their lives is a role model.

Future projects you are working on?

There are lots of exciting things coming but I can’t give anything away so watch this space!

Advice for young girls who would like to open their own business? 

Do your research! Make sure you know what you are getting yourself in to before you start. Running your own business takes total dedication and commitment.

Last but not least, do you prefer Essex or London? 

Essex of course!  I do love going to London for a night out or for some shopping with my girlfriends but home is where the heart is and for me that’s Essex.

The Lauren’s Way website with the entire range and Lauren’s Blog can be found here: http://www.laurensway.com/ 

Image source: London24.com


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