Photo Diary: Bike Ride from Taipo to Shatin

This has had to be one of my favourite days in Hong Kong. The weather was beautiful, the air was fresh and the journey had some impeccable views. We started our journey at Taipo Market Mtr station and rode a short mini bus ride into the village of Taipo.

Taipo is absolutely spectacular. It has a few cheeky bars and restaurants, perfect for a refreshment before the 12 mile cycling journey commences. Having not rode a bicycle in five years or so, I was a little apprehensive for the 12 mile journey. However, I did manage to complete the task and took some photographs in the process. Here a few shots I captured along the way!











  • Water! And plenty of it!
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Plan your journey as the next bike shop closes at 5pm
  • Wear a cap and sunglasses! A sun-burnt face is not in fashion this year!
  • More than anything, enjoy your trip and immerse yourselves in Hong Kong’s coastline

Thank you for reading. Feel free to leave questions below 🙂


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