Shanghai Baby

Shanghai, well what can I say? It’s a beautiful city, steeped in Chinese and French history. I really thought it would just be like Hong Kong. However, I was pleasantly surprised! It has so many cool things to offer tourists. 

DSC00290     DSC00311

My favourite part about Shanghai is the people. The locals are so friendly and overall very happy. Although it is one of the busier cities, I still felt a sense of space and freedom, something that you can almost never find back home in Hong Kong. You can see why it’s already slotted into my top five cities to visit! 

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The food in Shanghai is fantastic. If you are ever in the city yourself, please stop off and try the siu mai dumplings, they are to die for. They have another kind of dumpling too, its crispy on the outside and like a hot oil on the inner. But you do have to be careful that you don’t burn your mouth! That aside, these little beauties have people queuing around the block! For only 6 Renminbi, you have found yourself a food bargain. If Chinese cuisine isn’t your thing though, which I know it isn’t for everyone, you can always try western, Italian, Japanese etc, there’s plenty of choice out there.

 DSC00343     DSC00466

The sites of Shanghai are simply beautiful. The architecture in particular stands out to me and probably to other tourists. For parts of the city, the traveler is made to feel that you’re walking through 1920s France. If you do have the chance to explore, stop off at the peace hotel, you won’t be disappointed! On Mondays they even do a jazz night. 

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River cruises are very popular in Shanghai. This is an ideal way to see both sides of the river and see the lights at night time. (Booking is needed though) 

DSC00317      DSC00621

As for shopping, I didn’t get the chance to explore that part. I did see big brands such as HNM, Forever 21 and Zara, but for boutiques you do need to spend a little more time researching. I did see some cool artsy shops with one off pieces inside though. It does give off a trendy feel, so I’m sure for you fashion lovers out there, you won’t be going home empty handed. 

DSC00489      DSC00633

The nightlife in Shanghai is amazing too! It’s busy yet relaxed. You can choose to go to the all swanky places such as M1NT but then you can have the alternative of Arkham. M1NT is situated on the 24th floor with a fabulous view of Shanghai. It’s stylish, trendy and hosts a good range of music. You have the choice of the main room with a cocktail bar with lounge music or stepping into the Shanghai nightclub scene. (One thing to know though, you cannot see inside the toilets.) Literally its blacked out! (Be careful). I’d definitely recommend this place, not only is it a unique way of seeing the city lit up at night, but also the drinks are reasonably priced and the cocktails are superb. I tried the Cosmopolitan and a Mojito. After a few drinks there, we went onto Arkham, a little grungy club just up town. This makes a nice alternative to the trendy setting of M1NT. If you are looking for spillt drinks, dubstep and some real dancing, this is the place to be on a Friday night and the drinks are even cheaper! Taxi’s are a pain though afterwards, but definitely worth the trip all the same. The Shanghai nightlife is definitely one to hit up guys. 

DSC00436       DSC00420

DSC00447       DSC00460

I can’t stress enough how great Shanghai is. Please take the time to visit this wonderful city. It hosts so many cool things to do and see. It’s a great stop off if you are wanting to travel to most places in Asia. You’d be a fool to miss out. 

My next post will be about my trip to a water village just outside of Shanghai. I have so many beautiful photographs of the village to show you all. If you’d like to read this post, tune in again later this week, until then, have a good weekend! Below are a few more snaps of the trip. Enjoy 😀 

DSC00623       DSC00354

DSC00384       DSC00607

DSC00630       DSC00393

Thanks for reading! 


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    I know I’m going to China next year but I’m having a hard time trying to narrow down where in China. So many options and my head is just overloaded with research at this point. I’ve been leaning toward Shanghai ,it seems to have everything, very cosmopolitan. I just can’t imagine being in a city with that many people though!

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