Bangkok Snake Farm

Recently I visited Bangkok for a short trip away with my partner. I am a huge huge fan of Thailand! I absolutely love the lifestyle, people, the country and the islands. This is a review of the Bangkok Snake Farm that we visited on our second day there. 

Day 2 and we decided to visit the snake farm/hospital in central Bangkok. I have read some reviews on how great it is for the family. We arrived around 10.30 am and stayed until about 3pm. The first part of the day was left to exploring the enclosure and listening to a talk from the snake handlers. A gentleman kindly explained the poisonous and non poisonous species to us. It was a really interesting talk and you did learn a lot about how the hospital extracts venom etc. They even gave a demonstration which was fantastic if you haven’t seen snakes before. 

DSC01191      DSC01147                                  

DSC01178       DSC01167

The second part of the day exploring the museum part of the farm. This gives you a brief history of the farm and what they do to help people who have been bitten by snakes etc. 

DSC01221       DSC01223

We spent a significant part of time watching a kind of a snake show. They shared with the audience important facts about certain species. I was so shocked to see that one of the snakes bit the handler three times on his arm, he didn’t even flinch, maybe he is used to it, but still the snake drew blood, yikes! 

DSC01276       DSC01278

DSC01293       DSC01288

DSC01292       DSC01290                                               

This was a great place to visit, suitable for families and big groups. The staff were very accommodating and treated the snakes with full respect. I hope if any of you are visiting Bangkok, definitely put this on the list of things to do! 

Hope you enjoyed the post. 

*All images are of mine. Please ask permission before using, thank you. 





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