About me

Hello and welcome to my page.

I currently reside in Hong Kong and working as a Native English Teacher at a local learning centre. Here I will be teaching Drama, Phonics, Dance, Journalism and Creative Writing. My blog will be sharing my experiences living in Hong Kong and new places that I happen to visit.

A few facts about me:

I’m a self confessed film buff! I love films 🙂 Some of my ongoing favourites are – The Beach, American Beauty, How to lose friends and alienate people, Clueless, Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont, House of flying daggers and Finding Nemo. The list in endless!

Japanese food is my favourite cuisine, can’t get enough of it!

I went to University in London and Cornwall in the UK.

I would really like to study Marine Biology.

My favourite place to visit in Asia is Thailand. I visited Phuket last summer and it was absolutely amazing! The Ko Phi Phi Islands were on my bucket list! Maya Bay was phenomenal. (Photo below)


Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy what you see on my blog.




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